Why You Should Join NFT Podcasts As A Beginner + 5 Benefits

Why You Should Join NFT Podcasts As A Beginner + 5 Benefits

Do you want to stay up to speed on NFT, or are you new to the NFT sphere and searching for great audio to listen to? NFT podcasts, like NFT newsletters, are a fantastic method to learn about NFTs while staying up to date on what’s happening in the area.

NFTs have a variety of advantages. For starters, they are incredibly safe and impossible to hack because each token is kept on a unique blockchain address that cannot be changed or modified.

NFT podcasts can take several forms, such as a presentation to prospective NFT investors or an announcement of a new NFT policy. They all have one thing in common: they are audio or video files that you upload to the Internet. Anyone who needs to see or hear them can do so by streaming them or downloading them to a computer, smartphone, or media player.

Before discussing the benefits of NFT podcasts, let’s learn a little about NFT and Podcasts.

What Are Podcasts?

A podcast is a library of digital audio recordings; you can listen to the podcast live or download it later. A podcast episode is a name given to each audio recording. A podcaster is a person who created a podcast.

Podcasts are available through streaming services such as Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts (the podcast app that comes with iOS).

Listening to Podcasts is likened to listening to the radio, and streaming services are similar to television. You can find a podcast about practically anything these days, but with great variety comes excellent mediocrity—you might need a little help finding the podcasts that are worth your time. Our well-curated best NFT Podcasts will entertain and educate you on NFT, whether you’re doing the dishes, working out, commuting, or relaxing in the bath.

5 Reasons Why Every NFT Enthusiast Should Join NFT Podcasts

Podcasts about NFT are more popular than ever. Tens of high-quality top NFT podcasts that either inform or entertain NFT audiences are regularly recorded, and they may all be listened to in any setting you can imagine. Discover the top five benefits of why NFT podcasts are a terrific complement to your life.

1. They provide costless entertainment

Podcasts are generally available for free. Audible audiobook monthly subscriptions cost around $15  and typically provide between eight and twenty hours of listening.

Meanwhile, although other programs might provide hundreds of hours of amusement, podcasts are free. You can support specific episodes by contributing to Patreon crowdfunding campaigns, but you almost always have the opportunity to listen to podcasts for free.

2. Rather than narrative, they are frequent discussions

NFT podcast episodes, unlike audiobooks, usually consist of talks between two or more people. That back-and-forth offers several advantages above the traditional one-person narration seen in books on tape.

A discussion frequently feels more natural than someone delivering you a narrative. You hear folks talk about NFT, share ideas, and expand on what others say. Because a podcast isn’t as structured as a book, there is more potential for exciting tangents and divergences that make listening more surprising.

Perhaps best of all, you can switch between different NFT podcasts. Whereas an audiobook can quickly become lost if you break your focus for even a minute, a podcast episode provides numerous opportunities to leap back into the fold.

3. You Can Learn about NFT

Podcasts can be both entertainment and learning tools. Do you want to learn more about writing skills? That has its podcast! What if you’re interested in science and technology? There is a podcast for this.

So if you are looking to learn more about NFT, Podcast is a great way to do that, there are podcasts for NFT beginners, and they are others for NFT experts. If you are just looking for entertainment on NFT, podcasts focus solely on that.

4. You can listen to it from any location

You cannot watch a movie or television while walking or driving. You can’t play your favorite videogame if you’re out shopping. The ability to listen to it from anywhere is one advantage of podcasts. You can listen to your favorite NFT podcast while keeping your hands (and eyes) free. All you need are some headphones and your ears. These conveniences accompany you everywhere you go.

Whether on the go, in the car, or in the grocery store, it’s simple to plug in your phone and listen to high-quality audio.

5. Reduce your screen time

The global average is 6 hours and 55 minutes of screen time (for internet-related activities). Most of this time is spent staring at a smartphone screen (3 hours and 16 minutes).

Scientists have established that screen time puts a tremendous strain on the eyes, and there is conjecture that it is also hazardous for the brain. NFT podcasts are fantastic because they offer an exciting alternative to visual media.

 Podcasts, like films, do not require reading and take minimal energy; yet, they do not produce the same visual strain or cerebral numbing as videos. Research suggests that listening to podcasts activates the brain more than watching television.

This is because podcasts force listeners to use their imagination rather than providing visual accompaniment. Download an NFT podcast today for the sake of your eyes and to excite your imagination.

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Making podcasts a part of your everyday routine has nothing to lose and everything to gain. There is a podcast for all things NFT for everyone, whether you want to talk about NFT, stay up with NFT news, manage your NFT investments better, or need a pep talk. It’s simply fantastic, and we have these materials at our disposal for free! Find something that interests you and listen to it today if you haven’t already!

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