8 Top Virtual Reality Stocks to Buy Right Now

8 Top Virtual Reality Stocks to Buy Right Now

Virtual reality and augmented reality are trendy right now, and there are lots of companies to select from if you want to invest in the next best company of the 21st century.  Investing in these top virtual reality stocks share might be one of the best decisions in your a decade from now. 

How can you know which virtual reality stock companies will be the most successful? To invest wisely, you need to understand where the industry is heading, what trends will matter, and which organizations are working on them. Also, some companies will succeed while others will fail.

5 Virtual Reality Stocks Predictions


There are always companies that thrive and some that fail every other year. With several developments in the virtual reality business over the last few years.

Here are our predictions for the top virtual reality stock companies in 2022.

  1. Facebook will continue to dominate the VR industry with its Oculus headsets.
  2. Sony will be a close second thanks to its PlayStation VR headset.
  3. HTC will remain a top player with its Vive line of VR products.
  4. Samsung will keep growing in the VR space with its Gear VR products.
  5. Google will make a big splash in the VR industry with its Daydream View headsets.

Final Steps to Investing in the Digital World

Now that you know what you are looking for, it’s time to start investing. Here are the final steps to take before you begin your journey as a virtual reality investor: 

  1. Study your selected company and its prospects thoroughly by following them on social media and reading news articles and quarterly reports. 
  2. Determine which shares you want to buy. You can purchase stocks or options (if they are available). 
  3. Invest! Set up a trading account with an online broker and make your first trade today! Make sure to monitor your investments often. 
  4. Keep abreast of new technologies, read reports on how those new technologies will affect different companies and stock prices, and stay tuned into the world of digital investment to keep one step ahead of everyone else.

Where We Stand Today

The top 5 publicly traded companies in market capitalization are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. These companies have been investing heavily in this technology. 

While there are many other companies that are doing well in the VR space, these are the ones that investors should keep an eye on.

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Emotional Barriers to Investing

Our emotions can get in the way of making rational decisions, leading us to make poor choices. One example is that humans are biased against losses more than they are excited about gains. 

Another example is that investors generally feel much worse when their investment goes down 20% instead of up 20%. We also tend to invest more carefully after a severe loss or break-up, and we may even go on a spending spree to distract ourselves from how bad things really are.

Risk Factors Associated with Investing

When it comes to virtual reality stocks, there are a few risks associated with investing. 

  • The technology is still relatively new and unproven. As a result, there’s a chance VR stocks could be too expensive. 
  • VR technology is still in development. The companies leading the pack may be overtaken by newer and more innovative ones.
  • There’s a possibility that VR will never catch on with the mainstream public.

Top Virtual Reality Stocks to Buy

The virtual reality industry is expected to expand in the coming years. Some of the companies listed in this article are at the forefront of that expansion.

They are all leaders in their respective fields and have the potential to bring massive returns to investors. Are you looking to get involved in the virtual reality industry? These are the companies you should be watching.

#1. Sony 

Sony is one of the top virtual reality stock companies because of its experience with game development and console manufacturing. They also own Playstation, which gives them an edge in the gaming market.

Sony has been working on virtual reality technology for years, and its PlayStation VR headset is one of the most popular ones on the market. They invest heavily in VR by developing new games and hardware that will be compatible with their headsets.

For consumers who are more interested in immersive entertainment than gaming, Sony’s PlayStation VR has emerged as a popular option for those with PlayStation 4 consoles.

#2. Unity Software Inc.

As the world increasingly moves online, Unity Software Inc. is in a position to take advantage of the growing demand for virtual reality. The company provides a 3D engine and related tools to game developers, filmmakers, and others.

In addition, Unity has partnerships with major companies in the VR industry, such as Facebook’s Oculus VR division. As a result, Unity is one of the top virtual reality stock companies to watch this year.

#3. Microsoft

As virtual reality becomes more popular, Microsoft is one of the top companies to invest in. They are a leader in both the gaming industry with their Xbox console and in the business world with their HoloLens. Microsoft has the resources and experience to make VR a success.

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#4. Roblox Corp.

Roblox is a social platform for gamers that lets them create, publish, and monetize their own games. The company was founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Mateo, California. 

It went public in February 2021, and its stock has since risen. The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing popularity of virtual reality gaming.

#5. Nvidia Corp.

Nvidia is a tech company that focuses on manufacturing GPUs and other semiconductor chips. They are headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and have been around since 1993. While they may not be the first company you think of when it comes to virtual reality, they are definitely one to watch. 

Their GPUs are some of the best on the market and are constantly innovating. Predictions indicate they will be one of the top virtual reality stocks & companies.

#6. Matterport Inc.

Matterport is a virtual reality company that allows users to create and explore digital copies of real-world spaces. Founded in 2011, the company has raised over $70 million in funding and is one of the most well-funded virtual reality startups. 

In 2016, it launched its first consumer product, the Matterport Pro Camera, which quickly became the leading 360-degree camera for creating virtual reality tours.

#7. Meta Platforms Inc

Meta is a cutting-edge augmented reality company that has wowed investors and consumers with its innovative products.

  • Their Meta 2 development kit is one of the most impressive AR systems on the market, and they have a strong pipeline of products in development.
  • Meta is well-positioned to dominate the AR market in the coming years, with a well-rounded team of experienced executives.

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#8. Alphabet

Alphabet (GOOGL) is a reliable company to start. The company’s Google subsidiary is responsible for developing and delivering the VR experiences that consumers enjoy. 

In addition, Alphabet has invested heavily in VR hardware, software, and content. As a result, the company is set to benefit from the continued growth of the VR market.


As the virtual reality industry continues to grow, a few companies are poised to be leaders in the space. If you’re looking to invest in virtual reality stocks, the above-listed top companies are ones you should keep an eye on.

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