Metaverse Implications That Cannot Be Ignored

Metaverse Implications That Cannot Be Ignored

Metaverse implications are far-reaching and profound. As digital technologies have been evolving rapidly in the last two decades, reaching an additional 40.3% of the world’s population since June 2010. But is it any wonder? These wonderful digital innovations provide the user with a powerful platform that enables effortless interaction between anyone in the world from their kitchen table.

Then, suddenly, COVID-19 hit, and our dependence on digital platforms were no longer a sole means of scrolling and sharing, but a necessary means for earning and communication. Even as the pandemic began to tame and life slowly reformed normality, digital technology continued to act as a crutch for the world, in turn, forcing our biggest tech giants to continue developing technologies. 

Enter the metaverse

Now, let me make one thing clear, the Metaverse, in its essence, has been around for much longer than two decades. In fact, the first piece of literature that gave the population a glimpse into Cyberspace was written by Vernor Vinge in 1981 – True Names – which inspired and was closely followed by Lucas games’ Habitat, the very first Metaverse game in 1987. Many more games have been released since that fall under the cyberspace genre. 

So, it seems the Metaverse did not originate with Mark Zuckerberg – Sorry Mark!

Although the metaverse has been alive for years, it really only recently accelerated following the pandemic, leaving a sizeable impression on the population. The lifespan of the project represents the larger, fluid nature of trends: they shift all the time. 

Considering this fluidity of trends’, if you will, the possibilities that technology associated with the metaverse may open up is one to be in awe of. One thing is for sure; this movement could be definitive in our western culture, and particularly in the employment sector.

The standard career paths will surely be transformed by this shift; as the employment industry is rapidly taken over by technology and AI, the future of free work experience opportunities may be unrecognizable in the future.

Classic office jobs may become outdated and replaced with unimaginable alternatives. So, if you’re not already familiar with the metaverse, allow me to tell you a bit about the basics before the world outgrows you.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual reality world that can be ‘entered’ and explored by any user, through their own avatar – a virtual version of themselves. 

The metaverse is a way to experience online connections in an immersive experience, rather than the linear 2D experience that the internet has seen up until recent years.

Alongside the metaverse, there exist assets known as NFTs – digital assets that can be purchased and owned with cryptocurrency. Some assets are integrated with the metaverses you enter to add value to your avatar.

NFTs could be anything from a building or car to a digital painting, and the transaction occurs over the digital database known as the blockchain.  

The future of the metaverse implications and impact on our world

The metaverse offers its users endless possibilities to connect with other people around the world. Technological advances have shaped this wonderful boundless realm for creativity and opportunity in the world of work, gaming, and for brands and artists.

How will the opportunities the metaverse brings impact the world as we know it? 

The impact of these metaverse business ideas and opportunities on our world is still being felt and written about. The potential for the metaverse to change the way we interact with each other and with brands is still being explored. The possibilities are endless and the impact on our world is still unknown. However, one thing is for sure, the metaverse is here to stay and it is changing the way we live, work, and play.

Experiencing live concerts and events in the metaverse

The metaverse has the potential to change the way we attend social events and satisfy our need for socialization. Virtual concerts and social events are made possible by the technology available in this industry.

Thanks to the immersive nature of the metaverse, users can enjoy their favorite live shows from various different settings and get a front-row seat without having to travel around the world to catch a show. 

We’ve already seen shows from big names such as the Marshmello performance within the metaverse. 

These experiences have the potential to bypass the limits of the physical world that we so often dread when going to a mass social event: crowded space, overpriced beer, and a line to the portaloos. 

Your wardrobe and benefits of branding  

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Gucci are coming away from the real world and investing in the metaverse, building stores and creating metaverse-only items of fashion for purchase as NFTs. Brands are using the metaverse as a platform to sell virtual clothing for their avatar, sometimes limited edition, which people value online. 

Whether we’re standing in our living room in the real world or in the middle of a desert in the virtual world, we all want to look our best, right? 

Likewise, brands are using this digital realm to bring new virtual experiences to the metaverse, hosting online fashion shows and experiences that feel much more personal to the user. This has also seen a lot of investments in virtual reality stocks.

We’ve already been given the virtual tour of the Gucci Garden where digital fashion can be purchased and tours can be held. 

How can we work and learn from the metaverse?

The metaverse allows for a more immersive experience when learning or working by actually experiencing the internet rather than just looking into it. This digital realm is an opportunity for professionals to physically attend meetings from their homes through an alternative world, with very few limits.

Digital technology has built a virtual realm for professionals and students to enter in order to communicate and learn much more efficiently through an immersive experience. 

Professionals have the ability to enter the metaverse and attend a meeting as if they were physically in the room with other people, shaking hands and making eye contact. The metaverse has already introduced wearable tech to help us immerse ourselves into the metaverse and gain the best possible experience. 

Likewise, students have the opportunity to attend University from anywhere in the world without leaving their families or additional travel costs. Imagine being able to learn about the Great Famine by actually standing in (virtual) Ireland and seeing how it occurred.

Final Take

The possibilities held by the metaverse are vast, whether it manifests into something greater than what we can conceive or not. The metaverse shows us what the future of technical infrastructure might look like by combining virtual reality with a high-speed internet connection and a virtual interactive space for people to visit.

The metaverse is how we might imagine the world and is no doubt the future of computing; we should all be very excited to see where this goes. Hopefully, it’s not another I-Robot, though.



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